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  • How to Read Pet Food Labels

    There is a lot of information out there about the most ‘healthy’ or ‘best’ dog or cat food. Understand and identify the key elements of pet food labels so you can confidently recommend the food that best meets your patients’ needs.
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  • Salt in Pet Foods- Friend or Foe?

    How much salt is too much? Levels of salt in pet foods may contain more salt than animals need. Excess salt may adversely affect patients with kidney disease or FLUTD.
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  • Pet Food Ingredients and Labels

    How to read between the lines of pet food labels. What does Certified organic’, ‘Natural’, ‘Human-grade’ or ‘Holistic’ actually mean?
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  • Are grains unhealthy for pets?

    Grain-free diets are one of the largest growing segments of the pet […]
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  • Dishing it out- Is a Vegan or Vegetarian Diet Right for Your Cat or Dog

    There are many of us who choose to eat plant based diets […]
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  • Why Wet food?

    While the convenience of dry food still makes it a popular feeding choice, our pets can benefit from the inclusion of wet food in their diet.
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