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3 Top Tips to Sell Value Over Price



What do our clients do when they don’t have an understanding of the value of a product or service? They compare what they do know, and that’s price!  To help you combat the price shopper and ensure that your clients understand the value of what you’re providing, follow these 3 top tips:

Tip 1: Be an educator, not a salesperson

Consumers are bombarded with many products; we know they have many choices. When they enter our practice either via the telephone or in person, we must maximise the opportunity.


Some clients are unaware that the product they have purchased from the supermarket isn’t the best product for their pet. Their buying decision may be strictly based on price or the latest product advertising. As the patient advocate and animal health professional, it’s our role to share our knowledge to assist clients in making an informed decision.


When a client visits our practice, it is an opportunity to educate and provide guidance. Your chance to demonstrate to the client your knowledge, your compassion, your ability to identify the client’s needs and your opportunity to educate them on the best standard of pet care.

Tip 2: Always ensure you are very clear on the value of the product or service

Product knowledge is critical, as we need to ensure we KNOW what we are recommending to our clients. Ensure that you’re confident in your knowledge of the features and benefits. This includes what the product/service does and how it benefits the patient and/or the client. This will ensure the client isn’t making their decision based on price, but rather on the benefits for their pet.

Tip 3: Be thorough when presenting estimates to your clients

Cost estimates provide clients with proposed costs for completing a service, including material, labour and time costs. They should be provided in writing on practice letterhead with a clear note of how long the estimate is valid.


When presenting estimates and invoices, the first and most critical step is to walk through the benefits of each component with your clients. Thinking of your estimate as a table of contents can assist you to break down the value into “chapters” and clearly outline the solutions and recommendations to your client. When explaining estimates, keep in mind the pointers:

  • Ensure you understand the value of the procedure/service/product you are presenting to the client
  • Advise clients of the procedure/service/product the veterinarian has recommended, pointing to the estimate to draw their attention to the wording
  • Present the procedure/service/product as the solution to the problem or potential problem
  • Focus on what the procedure/service/product can do; its benefits and how it will meet objectives
  • If relevant, you may need to advise difference in investment of a standard procedure (low end of the estimate) where all is going well OR a standard procedure that may turn into something more (high end of the estimate), whereby things may occur or may need to be used
  • Tell the clients of the expected results
  • As you step through the document, attentively watch for signs of concern and ensure you allow time for questions and answer them, checking in that there is clarity for the client on a clear outcome and expectation

By ensuring you follow these 3 tips, your clients will be more informed and better placed to make a decision based on value over price.

Tania Gover Business Development Advisor Assoc.Dip.App.Sc. VN

Tania has over 20 years’ experience within the veterinary industry, including 10 years practice management, and more recently as Business Development Manager with Provet. She has a passion for all aspects of veterinary business with special interest in inventory control, business development and efficiencies and purchasing analysis and trends. This combined with her positive, proactive and enthusiastic style, makes her a well-respected and sought-after advisor and trainer.

Tania Gover

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