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  • Case Study- How to Calculate Ideal Bodyweight

    Calculating ideal body weight can be challenging, especially when your patient is obese to morbidly obese.
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  • My Patient is not losing weight

    Find out why your patients are not losing weight even when they are eating clinically proven weight loss food. Learn common mistakes and what you can do.
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  • What is Nutrigenomics? And how can it help the arthritic and overweight pets you treat?

    Have you heard of the scientific field of nutrigenomics? Did you know […]
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  • Ideal body weight - why guessing is not good enough!

    Obesity is a disease. It is one of the most significant healthcare […]
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  • Pet Treats and Weight

    How to use healthy treats to avoid the pet “bulge”. Too many […]
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  • Oh no! Not Osteo (arthritis)- Why the best management approach is multimodal.

    It is estimated that osteoarthritis (OA) affects up to 20% of dogs […]
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